Welcome to Tides Enterprises

A company dedicated to the food industry, global ingredient sourcing of conventional and organic industrial ingredients and new product development. With over 75+ years combined food industry knowledge and experience, Tides is qualified and committed to providing industry leading customer service, quality ingredients and overall solutions for your procurement and product development needs. Tides understands and is aware that each customer's demands/needs vary and our company ensures we listen and adapt to ensure those requirements are met. Tides understands the demands of today’s global food industry. As importers, domestic sales agents and ingredient solution providers, Tides is your industry partner for bulk ingredients. Typical Tide's customers include today’s leading global brands to startups and cover many industries from Juice and Beverage, Confectionary, Bakery, Breweries, Cideries, Pharmaceutical and more.

About Us

The TIDES Commodity Trading Group, Inc. is a global importer/broker and sales agent for the international and domestic conventional and organic food ingredient markets.

We are focused on:

  • Listing
  • Customer formulation
  • Import Solutions
  • Warehouse Programs
  • Inventory Buybacks
  • RFQ/RFP Bid Experience
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Global supplier/manufacturer approval (FSMA/FSVP/PCQI).
  • Ingredient sourcing/procurement.
  • Logistics management (customs clearance/importing/warehousing/delivery).
  • Customer service.

Tidal Processing is the processing division in which customized blends, customized/batch focused gallon fill requirements, lab services (Tidal Labs) and more are provided. Tidal Processing also provides services for new product formulations, flavor solutions and more!

Our services range from procuring the proper ingredients along with required compliance and ensuring timely delivery to complete startup of a new brand/idea and complete custom formulation.