Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

Tides Enterprises sources both conventional and organic fruits and vegetables that are harvested at their peak ripeness and then either processed as individually quick frozen (IQF) or block frozen. We have the capability to fire or oil roast vegetables prior to freezing. IQF fruits and vegetables are available in a wide variety of different cuts such as dices, strips, slices, rings, pieces, wholes, and halves depending on the product.  Whichever format you are looking for, chances are, we can supply it!

“Individually Quick Frozen” or IQF foods are notable by the fact that each individual piece of food is separately frozen from the other pieces.  For example, a bag of frozen vegetables has each piece of vegetable frozen vs. frozen together in a solid block.  The pieces are in the bag loose, making the product easier to work with.  IQF foods not only allow longer shelf-life, but also seal in the nutrients while, also preserving taste and appearance!

“Block frozen” or BQF foods are the opposite.  The food is frozen together in a single “block” making it ideal for those times when IQF foods are not necessary.