Flavors, WONFs & Blends

Our flavors are designed to target the taste of the original juice.  Coming up with a perfect match for a fruit or vegetable juice takes a long time and a lot of sourcing, but these are some products we’ve developed that we believe are as true as you can come to the real thing – blueberry, passionfruit, guava, red sour cherry, guanabana – the list goes on and on.

We can make an unlimited range of natural, N&A and artificial flavors that are very cost effective as used.  We supply flavors as both emulsions and in alcohol/glycol blends, natural flavors typically use alcohol or glycol as solvents.  We’re often asked to design new flavors, vary concentration on existing flavors, or develop booster flavors to complement existing profiles.  Tides is committed to assisting with new product development and innovation when it comes to flavors.

In recent times we’ve seen raspberry concentrate pricing exceed hundreds of dollars per gallon, unpredictable sudden shortages and price surges for blackberry and elderberry concentrates, and wild price swings for many other clean label concentrates. The quality of these products can be inconsistent from supplier to supplier, and specifications can also vary drastically for products from different sources.  Procurement of some more unusual juice concentrates can be nearly impossible out of season as well.

100% Juice WONFs from Tidal Processing offer an alternative solution to these issues: consistent pricing, consistent quality and consistent supply. Our 100% Juice WONFs are blends of juice concentrates and natural flavors designed to mimic the taste, color and concentration of clean label juice concentrate, but at a far reduced cost.  Beyond the cost-savings, our WONFs are consistently available year-round regardless of the season.  Switching from a clean label juice concentrate to our WONFs doesn’t require any reformulation at all.

For customers with percentage juice label claims, it is sometimes necessary to change packaging ingredient lists to use Juice WONF’s as a replacement for clean label juices. Typically, this is not the case for spirits manufacturing.  However, the cost of these changes is almost always immediately recovered by the cost savings from implementing the change.

There are a couple of other worthwhile considerations for Juice WONF’s — some of these blends make a better looking and tasting product than the 100% juice concentrate.

Lemonade from our Lemon WONF has no pulp and remains cloud stable; our Orange and Tangerine WONF products are similar in price to standard juices but the absence of settling pulp means there is no browning or off-note flavor development in pasteurized drinks. Mango and Guava WONF’s made by Tidal Processing are cloudy 65 Brix concentrates with excellent color and flavor; concentrations which are usually only available as relatively flavorless clarified juices. Our Watermelon WONF has a pleasant and stable pink shade that cannot be achieved by concentrating watermelon juice.