Tides Enterprises Services

Ingredient Sourcing

  • Supplier/Manufacturer Approval – meeting current US FSMA requirements / FSVP/ Certified PCQI, ongoing food industry consultant….full FSP
  • Global Ingredient Sourcing - Covering a broad ingredient base including Fruit and Vegetable Inputs, Nuts, Sweeteners, Coconut Items, Spices and many other ingredients focused on Manufacturers in the Confectionary, Bakery, Condiment, Baby Food, Beverage and Brewery/Cidery Industries
  • Ingredient Planning
  • Global Pricing
  • Market Data
  • Supplier/Customer Accreditation/approval
  • Complete Logistics Services - Shipment handling/tracking from Origin, in transit, warehouse management (at approved food grade facilities) manage domestic delivery as required
  • Spot and Long Term Contract Management – always maintain variety of inventory throughout strategic warehouses across North America to manage all contract/spot orders as needed for JIT
  • Customized Customer Service – each customer requires and needs something unique to their business

Processing/Value Added

Tidal Processing/Tidal Labs

Product Formulation

Customized Blends - WONF, WOJC and other

Customized gallon fill for pails/drums for proper batch sizing

Customized flavors

Lab Services (Tidal Labs)